We are pleased to bring you our Animal Welfare Wrap-up. Click through and read the latest animal welfare news.

ACT bans greyhound racing

Last week, the ACT Government announced that greyhound races will be banned in the capital city by the end of June 2018. RSPCA Australia & RSPCA ACT welcome the decision and encourage our supporters to thank ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay. Join us by saying thank you in your own words via https://www.rspca.org.au/greyhound-racing-ban-thank-you-act-government.

LISTEN: Animal Welfare Issues on Rodeos

RSPCA Australia Senior Scientific Office, Dr Di Evans, recently spoke to Triple J’s current affairs program, Hack, regarding animal welfare issues surrounding calf-roping and rodeos. You can read the entire interview here.

Bill to end live export introduced in Federal Parliament

RSPCA supported the Live Animal Export Prohibition Bill introduced in the Federal Parliament. This Bill aims to stop the export of live animals for slaughter. The Bill amends the Export Act 1982 to prevent future exports of cattle, sheep, and goats, as well as any other animals that are sent overseas for slaughter. You can read our entire statement.

Jamie Oliver receives the top RSPCA UK Award.

RSPCA UK has awarded Jamie Oliver for his work in improving the welfare of farm animals and promoting products with high welfare standards. Oliver was awarded the top honor of the organization and stated, “If all of us keep fighting, we could make a difference.” This award will give you a huge boost. There is still a lot to do. So, thank you.” Find out more here.

The Conversation: Animals Strengthen Neighborhood Ties

Recent studies on the social impact pets can have outside of their owners’ homes have revealed that they can “strengthen social fabric in local neighbourhoods” and build social capital. Read More.

In other news, our petition against the live export of horses, ponies, and donkeys reached nearly 21,000 signatures this week …. There’s still time if you haven’t signed yet, though – click through to www.liveexport.org.au, and remember to share with your friends as well.


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