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Pugs and other cute dogs, such as English bulldogs and French bulldogs.

This week’s top story on social media was The Sydney Morning Herald, which examined the suffering of dogs that were bred with exaggerated facial features. It highlighted the need to change breeding standards so that dogs can live healthier and longer lives.

According to Julie Power, “Vets told me that nearly all short-faced dogs needed surgery for the snorts and wheezing. They also recommended sleep apnoea, which many people find “cute” on social media. What are those cute YouTube videos with little dogs, mainly pugs, lying on their backs? They can’t breath any other way .”

Check out if you’d like to know more.

Land clearing doesn’t just concern trees; it also affects animal welfare.

This week, The Conversation examined how clearing land can harm animals. It also looked at the number of animals killed each year in Australia. High Finn, a Curtin University lecturer who conducted the study along with his colleague Nahiid Stevens, stated that “…this damage to animals is largely invisble, unlike the obvious impacts of clearing trees and other plants. Just because something is not visible does not mean that it should be ignored .”

What you need to Know about Exotic Pets in Australia

The Conversation also examined exotic animals in Australia and the importance of registering these animals to determine their actual population as well as to prevent them from being released into the wild.

Yes, you heard it right: Dogs as mayor!

Enjoy this fun story! Mashable compiled a list of the top 5 elected animal mayors and highlighted their major political achievements. Save this for when you feel disillusioned by politics.


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