Amazing pet parents understand that a balcony is not the place to leave your dog. Add a few things to make your dog feel comfortable on the tiny terrace.

Create a Puppy Garden

It can be difficult to teach a puppy how to go potty on the grass or pavement when you live in an apartment building.

A couple found a clever solution. They turned their apartment balcony into an outdoor playground for Franklin. Their dog-friendly terrace, along with daily walks and active playing, took the stress out of housebreaking.

All the materials they used to build this little slice of dog paradise are easy to clean with a hose:

The fence was constructed using pressure-treated strips (FYI: it is water-resistant).

After that, the exterior was painted with a few coats.

Then, they added a small patch of weather-resistant artificial grass. (Most home improvement stores carry it in rolls or feet.)

The faux plants and canine house are a great decorative touch

Grow Pooch-Friendly Greens

Many dogs enjoy nipping grass. Unfortunately, some of the grass they nibble in the park could be contaminated with harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. While grass is good for dogs’ digestive health, the grass itself is not very nutritious.

You can easily grow sprouts. They are full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are easily digestible.

Dress up Your Water Bowls

On a small balcony, a water bowl will stand out. You can also easily trip over it. You can hide your dog’s bowl and make it more difficult to knock over by using a planter. What you need to learn:

Some plant pots can’t be used to store drinking water. You can find options that allow you to place a “drinkable water bowl” inside, as shown.

Avoid choosing something too tall for the dog.

Dog-Friendly Furniture

It’s important to choose carefully when shopping for an outdoor dog bed. It pays to shop carefully for a dog bed. Here are a few tips:

Rainy days happen. First and foremost, the dog bed cover should be machine washable.

Avoid mildew. Weather-resistant bed inserts are also recommended. If you accidentally wet the material, look for materials that will not mold or harbor bacteria. Plastic fillings, for example, are more resistant to gunk than materials such as cotton.

Comfort is important. It should be firm, even, and big enough to allow your dog to stretch.

How to Make a Cheap Pipe

Toys, clothing, and dog beds for larger dogs cost more. You can make an elevated dog bed using PVC pipes for less than 20 dollars. It’s a great deal, considering that similar beds can cost up to $125.

You can dog-proof your railings

The childproof railings on balconies prevent children from falling through, but they do not stop small dogs.

How to make transparent rail guards using materials from your local hardware store

Then, use the cable ties to attach the sheets to the railings. Use the cable ties to attach each sheet to the bars.

You can now install dog-proof railings that your dog cannot slip through.

Create a chill spot

Dogs need to be protected from the summer heat just like humans. Give your dog a balcony to relax on if he loves to stretch out on a cool floor. The cooling mats are made from pads or pods you can freeze overnight. They provide hours of refreshing relief.

Foldable and portable dog pool

The majority of dogs enjoy the water. It’s easy to set up this portable, foldable pool for your dog. Close the drain plug, then fill it with water. To put away the pool, simply empty the water from the collection and allow it to dry. After that, you can fold up the group and store it.

Comfort Station

It would be best if you walked your dog three times a day. Some dogs will need to go out more frequently. A grass wee pad is useful in both cases.

Hydroponically grown, dirt-free grass, which absorbs urine and controls stinky odors naturally, is now widely available. Natural wee pads are disposable and don’t need to be maintained.


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