Peaches are among everyone’s most cherished summer fruits, whether you enjoy them in their natural and uncooked form, mixed into smoothies, or baked into a delicious cobbler! Delicious, juicy, and packed with vitamin C, nobody is able to resist a delicious peach or a dog.

Are dogs allowed to take peaches?

Yes! Dogs can and do enjoy eating peaches, however, it’s not as easy as throwing a handful of these fruit to your dog. In this article, we’ll go over all you should be aware of when feeding your furry pet sweet peaches. Also, you’ll learn our advice on making sure your dog is safe when eating new and exciting foods with them.

Are Peaches Safe For Dogs?

Yes, peaches can be safe for pets, and a lot of dogs enjoy the flavor and texture of this delicious fruit. The flesh itself is safe for your pets, and it is important not to allow them access hold of the pit as this could pose a choking risk or cause stomach problems.

Keep in mind that, just like humans, they can be allergic to almost everything. Even though most dogs aren’t in any way allergic to peaches, be sure that you start by giving them just a small portion and keep an eye on them for a few days before attempting to offer more. If your dog is found to be allergic to peaches, they could become bloated, have vomiting or diarrhea or paws that are itchy, or experience discomfort. In the event that any of these symptoms occur, don’t panic. It is likely to go away within a day, and there are plenty of other foods you can offer your pet.

Nutritional value of peaches.

Peaches are a safe food for dogs, and they’re not a great source of nutrition for your pet. Peaches are rich in Vitamin C and fiber, but they also contain sugar, which is not good for your pet. Due to this, it’s essential to give your pet peaches as a treat when it’s added to an appropriate, balanced diet.

How many peaches can dogs eat?

A couple of small pieces of fruit are the only thing you can feed your dog. They shouldn’t be offered the whole peach for eating. A whole peach cause stomach discomfort; however, it can also pose a danger of choking and cause your dog to eat the pit of a peach.

Peaches should also only be enjoyed as a treat once in a while but not the primary ingredient for your training routine or daily snacks.

Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

Being as informed as possible about a new snack is the most important option to ensure that your dog is safe and secure. We get many wonderful questions from dedicated pet owners on ways to share yummy food safely with their dogs. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions regarding dogs and peaches.

Can dogs eat peaches in syrup?

Do not give your dog peaches cooked in syrup however don’t worry in the event that your dog picks one up from the floor. The syrup is extremely rich in sugars and also contains preservatives in order to keep the peaches fresh. These are not good for the dog’s digestive system.

Can dogs eat peaches from a can?

It’s not suggested. Most canned peaches have syrup which can be great for your pet. The canned fruits are also often stuffed with artificial ingredients and preservatives, which are harmful to your pet. Instead, opt for fresh peaches or recipes that use unprocessed peaches.

Can dogs eat peach yogurt?

It’s not advised. Many yogurts that are flavored contain lots of artificial and sugary ingredients, which can be harmful to your pet. Although some milk products made from the culture, such as plain greek yogurt, can be used by certain dogs, a lot of them don’t react well to the sugars in yogurt, which may cause stomach pains and diarrhea. It is generally recommended to avoid feeding your dog flavor based or sweetened yogurt, like peach yogurt.

Can dogs eat peach skin?

Absolutely! Dogs can eat peach skins, and it’s perfectly safe to serve them peaches with the skin still on. Be sure to wash your fruits prior to serving to ensure your dog isn’t eating pesticides or sprays with preservatives.

Can dogs eat peach pits?

No! The dogs cannot all peach pits. Peach pits are a source of tiny amounts of cyanide, and even though the pits aren’t likely to cause cyanide poisoning, they could cause serious illnesses. Peach pits also pose a risk of choking and may cause obstructions in the intestines even if consumed successfully. This is the reason it’s essential to only feed your dog pieces of peaches that have been removed from the pit completely.

Can dogs eat nectarines?

Nectarines belong to the same family with peaches. They look and taste like peaches. As with peaches, nectarines can be suitable for dogs in small amounts as provided they’re cut to the right size and pits have been removed.

Best Ways To Feed Your Dog Peaches

If you feed your dog a piece of fruit, it is important to cut it into sizes that are appropriate for your pet. Smaller dogs should be given smaller pieces, while bigger dogs should be given larger pieces. Dogs are very happy to eat an ordinary slice of peach without any extras however, if you’d like to spice things up to make the peaches more fun for your pet, make this delicious popsicle recipe:

3-Ingredient peach pupsicles

Made in the hands of jessica of living la vida holoka, The deliciously simple frozen dog treats are made with sweet peaches and healthy Greek yogurt that canines will love. Here’s how they’re made.


  • 1 cup chopped and peeled peaches
  • 1 Cup plain greek yogurt
  • 2 tbsp. honey


  1. Set an aluminum mold tray (like an ice cube made of a silicone tray) on a baking sheet.
  2. Incorporate all the ingredients into a blender and blend until the consistency is smooth. If the texture is uneven, add 1 teaspoon of water each time until the texture is smooth.
  3. The mixture should be transferred to molds, and then transfer whole baking tray into the freezer.
  4. Freeze until set.
  5. Place the container in an airtight one in the freezer. Then give it to your puppy one at a time.

Puppy peach cobbler

Enjoy a classic summer dessert with your dog. No baking is required. Similar to the peach pupsicles, this recipe for cobbler calls for the freezing of ingredients prior to serving which is why you must prepare at least a day before the date you’ll be serving this.


  • Peanut Butter Ice Cream for Dogs
  • Fresh Peaches, Diced
  • Apple Pie Wheat Free Treats


  1. Make ice cream as per the instructions (add water, then freeze).
  2. Serve an ice cream scoop in your dog’s food dish.
  3. Add fresh peaches, and add a few apple pie flavored dog treats to add crunch.
  4. Serve while everyone else can enjoy their cobbler with human peaches.


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