It’s wonderful to see the plants and trees in our backyards regaining their color and leaves.

Be aware that there are dangers in the garden and surrounding areas that could prove fatal for pets.

You can protect your pet by knowing what to watch out for.

Protect your pets from

Snail & slug Baits This is an extremely common poisoning of pets that is both dangerous and distressing. The pellet baits are particularly attractive to dogs, as they look like dry dog food.

Poisonous plants -Many indoor and outdoor plants are toxic, including lilies, castor bean and castor oil plants, and Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow plants (especially the berries).

Dogs can eat stone fruits from trees or plants, Which can cause serious intestinal obstructions and blockages, which are fatal. Some fruits, seeds, or berries may contain toxic substances that can also be harmful to pets.

Cocoa Bean/Shell Mulch –Although cocoa bark mulch is not generally available in Australia, some small chocolate manufacturers may sell it as waste from their production process. This product can be toxic to dogs if it is used in this way.

Fertilizers – Fertilisers can be liquid, granular, or solid and may contain additives like herbicides and insecticides. They also include iron, zinc, and copper. Some fertilizers can also contain toxic bacteria or fungi that can cause serious side effects when consumed.

Insecticides_ Insecticides can be purchased for both home and business use but are toxic to pets.


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