Five ways to add animal welfare to your Christmas spirit

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s our chance to spend some time with family, friends, and our furry companions.

It’s important to consider animal welfare when planning your Christmas celebrations and what you will serve at the luncheon.

Here are five simple ways you can add animal welfare into your Christmas spirit.

1. Your Christmas lunch can be centered around higher-welfare foods

Choose RSPCA-approved if you’re planning to include meat, fish, or eggs in your Christmas meal this year.

Shopping at this time of year can be chaotic enough without having to wade through the confusing array of labels that claim higher welfare standards. You can be assured that RSPCA-approved products are produced with animal welfare as a priority. Farms undergo regular inspections to ensure the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards have been met.

RSPCA-approved products, such as ham and turkey, are available at major retailers and many butchers. Visit to learn more about the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.

2. Are you thinking of getting a dog for Christmas? First, read this.

It’s not a secret that Christmas is the most popular time to introduce a new pet into the family. However, this decision mustn’t be taken lightly. Dogs and puppies can make wonderful additions to your family, but they require constant attention and care. It’s important to choose the animal that best suits your lifestyle and family.

The RSPCA offers a great tool that will help you make a responsible and informed decision about a new dog or puppy. The Smart Puppy & Dog Buyers Guide is full of helpful information. It includes things to think about before buying a dog, how to choose the breed, and even where to buy your dog.

By doing your research, you can enjoy a happy Christmas with your new friend and know that you made the right decision.

3. Keep your pets away from Christmas decorations

It’s a lot of fun to decorate for Christmas with the family, but you should make sure that your dog or cats don’t have too much fun. Dogs and cats can mistake Christmas tree ornaments and tinsel for new toys. If they manage to get their paws onto them, they may end up hurt.

Glass ornaments may break and cause injury to your pet, while tinsel is a potential choking risk. Keep decorations that are dangerous out of reach, and watch your pet closely.

4. Donate and become a Guardian Angel this Christmas for the animals

Are there animal lovers in your family members? Why not donate to the RSPCA in their name as a special Christmas present?

Every year, RSPCAs in Australia hold the Guardian Angels Appeal, which asks compassionate Australians to support animals who are in need. All donations are used to support animal welfare. This includes caring for animals at RSPCA shelters and funding RSPCA inspectorates to investigate animal abuse cases.

You can donate in the name of a loved one and send a cute e-card online.

5. Do not dress your pet up in a costume for a holiday.

It’s tempting to dress your pet up in a holiday costume to celebrate the season, but outfits may not be as comfortable as they appear.


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