There’s a phenomenon in the world of animal shelters known as the ‘Black Cat Syndrome.’ This is also true for black dogs. They are usually the last animals adopted.

This is a sad truth, which some people believe to be due to old superstitions that cats, in particular, are bad luck.

RSPCA NSW also offered some other explanations for this sad phenomenon.
It’s not yet clear why some people prefer black dogs and cats to animals with lighter fur.

According to some shelter workers, it’s because black cats and dog faces are harder for our families to read.

Some say that black-furred pets do not photograph well. When shelters post pet profiles and photos on their website, lighter-colored animals will likely have the advantage because they are more photogenic.

Black cats are also associated with witchcraft and Halloween. Hollywood is also responsible for this. In movies, black cats and black dogs are usually portrayed as villains.

Some adopters (incorrectly) also believe that the color black is evil. This can influence their decision when selecting a cat or a dog.

No matter what they look like, all animals deserve to be loved and cared for forever. Adopting a beautiful black cat is a great way to add a furry friend to your home. ).

This will bring you good luck, but also the cat or dog.


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