Exercise is important for your puppy’s health and behavioral development. Exercise is good not only for the health of your puppy but also for its behavioral development. It’s also a wonderful way for your puppy to socialize with friendly dogs, puppies, and people.

We can get caught up in the excitement of a new puppy and forget they are still babies. Like babies, puppies also have limited physical capabilities while their development is ongoing. It’s important to gradually introduce your puppy to all activities, including exercise.

Exercise your dog with these tips!

The key to success is preparation

It is important to ensure the safety of your puppy by ensuring that all routine vaccinations have been completed before visiting public places such as a park. This will reduce their risk of contracting an infectious disease from other dogs or a contaminated area. You should check with your vet when your puppy is fully vaccinated and when you can safely take them to public places.

It is important that you carry your puppy and limit its exposure to other dogs. You can bring them to a proper puppy preschool in a clean and safe environment.

Puppy Preschool is a good first step

The early years with your puppy are crucial for socialization and training.

In a safe, reward-based environment, a puppy school can help your pup learn to be friendly with other puppies and dogs. Ask your vet when your puppy is ready to start. They may be able to refer you to a puppy school in your area.

Keep your walks short.

Safety comes first when you are ready to go on a walk! It may take a while before you can start taking your dog for their first stroll. Please make sure they’re comfortable with their harness/collar and leash. Start by taking your pup on short, slow walks once they’re all set up. Avoid over-exercising your puppy while they are growing. Over-exerting puppies can have a negative impact on their bone and muscle growth. Give your puppy time to sniff plants, posts, and other objects. This is an important and natural behavior they should engage in.

Look for signs that your puppy is tired during walks. They may sit or lie down in the middle of the walk (puppies can be very excitable, so signs might not be obvious). Let them rest until they decide to walk again. Stop walking if they seem too tired to go on. You can carry them home if needed.

Even free time is important!

You can also get your puppy to exercise by playing with him in a safe, enclosed area such as a backyard or dog park. Your puppy can play and run freely, and you have the option to stop and rest as needed.

It is also a great way to stimulate your dog’s mind. Avoid excessive ball catching and throwing, which can over-exert your puppy without you knowing it. Avoid encouraging your dog to jump into the air. Frisbee and high ball throwing can cause injury to growing joints and limbs.

You and your dog will have a wonderful life together if you keep these tips in mind.


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