Christmas is among the busiest periods of the entire year. RSPCA, in addition, Guardian Angel is one of the most meaningful ways that you can support our team in caring for animals this holiday season.

All donations are directed to the RSPCA and help with the care of animals living in shelters across the country and supporting our inspectorates in investigating cruelty instances.

You might be asking what exactly it means to be the Guardian Angel and how that can benefit animals. Find out more here …

What is a Guardian Angel, and how does it function?

The Guardian Angel is a person who has volunteered to give affection, love, and care for over 27,000 pets that we anticipate to see through our RSPCA shelters across the nation this holiday season.

To be a guardian angel, you need to go to this site by clicking ” donate now.” You’ll then be asked to choose which animal you wish to help. You can select cats, dogs or any other animal (such like horses). You can also choose the option of’surprise me’ to let us know that you’d prefer us to select for you!

When you’ve finalised your donation, you’ll be taken to a website that allows you to view and learn more about the animal you’re helping to protect this holiday season. You will receive an email, as well as an exclusive Christmas gift card that includes a picture and specifics of the animal that you are helping to take care of.

Any time you are able to visit your Guardian Angel website, select “Already A Guardian Angel’ option and look up your pet using the information you provided in your donation.

You can also make an amount to an individual’s own name, and give them a sweet electronic card online that features the animal they’re protecting this holiday season. Like if you’re making donations to your own name, you are able to select the animal that your family member would like the most, aswell for the date and time you’d like your gift card delivered. This is a wonderful present for Christmas!

Why should I be Guardian Angel? Guardian Angel?

Christmas is among the busiest periods in the calendar of RSPCA with hundreds of unloved and abandoned animals passing through our doors.

We estimate that more than 27,000 animals come to the RSPCA to seek help during this time of the year So the support of the community is now more important than ever.

The RSPCA depends on the support of the public, with only just a tiny amount of operating costs that are sourced from the government. we can’t express gratitude enough to our angels of protection to provide unconditional love, support and care to the animals who are in need.

Animals like Liz as well as Heather

Liz and her sibling Heather are a good illustration pets we’re in a position help due to the generosity by the local community. Liz along with Heather were among the 36 dogs and puppies our inspectors rescued from the hell of a breeding facility that was crowded located in a hot, filthy shed of tin, which had little even no drinkable water, and unclean food during an extremely hot Australian summer.

Liz and Heather were brought to the RSPCA without a place to stay and no family, but luckily they are secure and safe with us.

Your donation will assist the animals and others that we care for recuperate and prepare for the future stages of their lives.

The program will also permit the RSPCA to offer vet check-ups as well as bandages for treatment of fleas and microchipping, as well as clean bedding, and everything needed for a pet to recuperate.

This Christmas, if you are able, we hope you’ll join us in helping take care of animals who are in need. We, here at the RSPCA Thank you for your generosity. We could not be happier.


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