You are getting ready to go to work. You grab your keys and start walking towards the door. You get halfway there when your keys jingle and your dog is on the way, making every effort to cause a scene. Barking is just the beginning. You can see him circling your legs and pawing at your briefcase. Consider leaving him alone if he begins howling. But there are so many things to do today. This happens every day.

What’s the holdup?

Modern dogs are pretty familiar with separation anxiety. It affects approximately 15% of American dogs. Separation anxiety is when your dog becomes very distressed when you leave. Your dog may bark and howl when you are away. He might also soil your carpets and make a mess of your home. Separation anxiety is when your dog misbehaves as you get ready to leave or even after you are gone. Although you might feel angry at your dog’s behavior, it is essential to take a deep breath and examine the root causes.

Overcoming separation anxiety

How can you help your dog who is anxious about being left alone? Slowly make him comfortable being left alone. You can give him something to do so that he won’t follow you around the house. You can jingle your keys and rattle the doorknob, but he won’t associate these actions with alone time. Keep things calm when you are leaving. Please do not speak to or look at your dog as you walk out of the house. Your house will appear less empty if you leave the radio or television on low.

Other helpful tips

Wild dogs live in groups. It is as easy as barking and howling to get the pack back together. If your dog is agitated or wailing when you are away, it’s likely that he feels alone and needs to be reunited with his pack. You might be able to help your dog with separation anxiety by bringing another dog home. Your dog can feel calmer if he has a nervous feeling.

Training your dog to obey basic commands is another way to reduce separation anxiety or prevent it from happening. Your dog will naturally feel more confident and less anxious if he has some basic obedience skills.

Are you looking for professional help?

It is possible to help your dog with separation anxiety. If your dog is still acting out despite you trying everything, it’s worth seeking professional help. Dog behaviorists can help you and your dog and even prescribe medication. It should be easy for all parties to leave your dog at home. If things aren’t improving, feel free to seek professional assistance.


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