Keeping your dog healthy in the age of social distancing

Using some creativity, you can ensure that your dog gets enough exercise.

Here are some tips for you and your pet to get your pedometer or pedometer numbers up.


You can relax with your dog and have fun together if you are healthy and follow all the health authorities’ advice.
You should avoid sharing spaces with other dogs as much as you can. In order to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading, you should walk only with family members. Keep these outings as short as possible. Take your dog for a toilet break only when necessary.

Unfortunately, this means that you can’t meet up with anyone else to walk your dog or have any play dates for dogs.


Avoid walking in areas where there are other people and dogs. You should always keep at least 1,5 meters between you and anyone you pass. From a distance, a friendly wave is still welcome.


It is important to keep your dog on a leash when you go for a walk. This will help to maintain social distance. RSPCA Knowledgebase offers great advice on how to train your dog or puppy to walk with a lead.

When to Walk

It is important to avoid exercising your pet during the day or at high temperatures. It is particularly important for dogs with flat faces, like pugs or bulldogs. They are not always able to cool themselves.

Exercise should not be done immediately before or following eating, as this can lead to bloat and other problems. This is especially true for large dogs with a deep chest, such as Great Danes or German Shepherds.

Walking for a Good Cause

The health crisis has caused Million Paws Walk to be unable to run as usual this year. You can still participate in the most important event for animal welfare with a Million Paws Walk – Walk This May.


It is time to consider who can help you care for your pet if you get COVID-19 or need hospitalization. Preparing for the worst is essential and can prevent stress and uncertainty in the future.


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