It’s vital to ensure that your pet rabbits are safe and happy and have all their needs met. Pet rabbits can be confined to a small space for long periods. They must be given enough stimulation, environmental enrichment, food, water, and room.

Don’t let me be alone!

Rabbits have a very social nature. In the wild, they spend time with each other to graze, explore, and play. They also groom one another.

You can’t leave a rabbit alone if you keep it as a pet. A rabbit left alone will become bored and lonely. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with your rabbit. They still need a friend. In any case, we can’t spend all day with our rabbits so they will need a companion.

It is best to keep rabbits in a pair. It involves introducing compatible couples slowly and getting them to relax and get well acquainted. It can take a while to bond, depending on how the rabbits are. But it is essential for your rabbit’s happiness.


Expression of natural behaviors

All companion animals need to be given an appropriate environment enrichment. This is a place that allows them to express their natural behaviors and promotes their psychological and physical well-being.

To keep rabbits happy, you need to provide them with a large enough enclosure for them to jump, run, and hop. Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund recommend a minimum of 3 meters (length), 1.5 meters (width), and 1 meter in height. But bigger is better! The rabbit enclosure should be large enough for the rabbits to lie down and stretch out, even under cover.

You can encourage rabbits to dig by placing shredded paper, hay, or straw on top of a newspaper-covered floor. Ramps and hiding spots will inspire play and exploration. You don’t need to spend a lot of money – cardboard boxes can be used as hiding places, and food wrapped up in paper can make excellent toys.

Regular quality time spent with your rabbits will ensure that they receive the appropriate environment enrichment. It’s a good idea to let them out of the enclosure for some natural foraging and exercise, as well as exposure to sunlight. Just be careful about predators, toxic plant species, and other rabbits.


How to choose the right food

We’re here today to dispel some of the myths about what rabbits should be fed. You should first provide your rabbits with a steady supply of fresh grasses and grass hay. This should account for about 80% or more of their diet.

The rest of the food should be mostly fresh vegetables and leafy greens. To give a rough guide, you can feed two packed cups per kilogram of weight each day. Broccoli, celery leaves, Brussels sprouts, and spinach leaves are all good vegetables.

You can offer small amounts of treats, like most fruits, root veggies, and capsicum, to your rabbits.


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