Many Australians are taking advantage of the time they spend at home during the coronavirus outbreak to adopt a puppy or kitten.

Many adoptees are told that they may have to wait months for a puppy.

You should consider carefully before adopting a pet. So, as impatient as it may make you feel, you will be able to wait a few months.

You can also keep an eye out for puppies in your local RSPCA rescue organization. They often have puppies of all sizes, breeds, and types available. If you are looking for a specific breed, many rescue groups specialize in it.

A good adoption group will also have older or adult cats and dogs for adoption. While the adorableness of a kitten or puppy is appealing, there are a number of good reasons to consider adopting an older pet instead.

Know what you are getting.

Remember that puppies and kittens only remain young for a short period. As they grow in size, so do their temperaments and behaviors. Adopting an older animal is a better choice, as they are more predictable and have been evaluated by a reputable animal welfare organization. You will also know what an adult animal looks like, including their size, coat length, and personality. Any inherent health problems are also likely to be evident and managed.

Puppies can be very demanding!

You may have to spend a few sleepless nights at first, as young animals are often difficult and require lots of attention. Expect a few sleepless nights in the beginning, as well as some nips and snarls when they are learning to behave. You may also have to clean up a lot of mess while toilet training. It is also important to spend time on socialization and training.

Any pet owner will tell you that it is all worth it in the end. However, adopting an older or adult pet has the added benefit of having done a lot of work for you. The older pets are usually calmer and more accustomed to family life. They have also likely been trained.

Many older pets are still young at heart.

You may be wrong! Even older and adult pets need to be entertained and exercised for their physical and mental well-being. You can expect your new pet to be very excited to join you and to have lots of fun moments as it explores its new environment and gets to know you.

A senior dog or cat is likely to have more wisdom and experience hidden behind the grey hairs and fur.

Make a good choice.

In general, it’s not difficult to find a family for a cute kitten or puppy. Animal shelters are full of healthy, active, well-behaved adult animals and older pets who are often overlooked for younger pets.

It can be rewarding to give an older or adult pet a second chance. This is a valuable lesson for the younger members of your family. Adopting a more senior or adult pet is a great way to give a loving home to a companion in need. You’ll also likely find yourself a lifelong friend.


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