We are back with our weekly round-up of animal welfare news. Click through and read the latest animal welfare news:

Video of cruelty towards dairy calves in Tasmania

We were all shocked to see video footage that was allegedly taken at a Tasmanian slaughterhouse in December. It showed young calves being kicked, beaten, and thrown. The Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries has launched an investigation. We warn that you may find the footage disturbing.

Inconsistency in the free-range rules

Jed Goodfellow, Senior Policy Officer at the RSPCA, explains why the Government’s free range information standard does not provide clarity or address consumer concerns.

Read our media release here.

Empirical evidence: Cats love people

Science has once again provided the definitive answer to the question despite many anecdotal reports to the contrary. In the end, cats prefer human company to toys, food, and even smelly things!

RSPCA searches duck with a knife in the head; inspector says cruelty is becoming “just disturbing.”

RSPCA South Australia has launched an investigation after receiving images of a duck with what appears to be a knife in its head. The RSPCA described the incident as an “appalling act of cruelty” and is searching for the perpetrator and injured animal.

Harness Racing South Australia is adamant about continuing to whip horses

Harness Racing South Australia’s statement is available here. If you would like to take action, please click on the following link: https://www.rspcasa.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/web-MEDIA-RELEASE Dont back down on whips ban RSPCA – South Australia.pdf. See RSPCA South Australia’s statement here. If you would like to take action, Click here.

We’ll let you know what we have been up to the past couple of weeks before we say goodbye:

Facts about battery cages

Are you a part of our latest supporter action? We launched our campaign to stop battery cages less than two weeks ago.


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