Why 2021 can be the year we free Aussie hens from battery cages

These tiny, cramped hen cages, where hens are only able to fit a single A4 sheet, are all they know for now. To live a healthy and happy life, a hen needs to be able to move, stretch, flap, perch, and dust bathe. In order to have a healthy life, a hen must be able to lay her eggs within a nest. She can’t do these things if she is in a battery.

This year, however, should finally be the one where things change. For many years, state and territory agriculture officials have been responsible for the development of new guidelines and standards for poultry. This process will finally be completed in the first half of 2021.

Where are we?

The overwhelming number of submissions during the 2018 consultation process was 167,000, a new record! The vast majority of respondents agreed that battery cages should be phased out. The cage egg industry’s continued resistance to change and the resultant stalemate led state and territory governments to decide to appoint a panel of independent experts to oversee the finalization of standards and guidelines. This panel is currently working to produce the final standards within the next few months.

What next?

We’ll need to get your support once the draft standards have been released to help your state or territorial government take the correct action and implement a phase-out. Sign up for the latest information. We’ll also let you know how and when you can help.


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