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You’ve heard about ziwi peak and its award-winning, ethical pet food line. The question is now which flavor to choose. There are so many options. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you are making the best decision for your pet.

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing a recipe:

Is It Better To Feed Your Dog Wet Or Dry Food?

Ziwi peak’s range of wet foods is packed with protein. The food is made from meat, offal, and bone. It has a high level of moisture. There are six recipes from the classic and three new exciting provenance range recipes.

  • Wet dog food is especially good for dogs who don’t drink enough or have bladder problems. Wet dog food can reduce the likelihood of bladder crystals or stones.
  • Picky eaters often prefer wet foods. Consider trying a wet diet if you’re always throwing out bowls of kibble. Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, and other toy breeds may require a wet food diet.

Ziwi peak offers a range of dry dog food that has been air-dried by experts to preserve nutrition. There are nine options for dry food: six classic and three provenance.

  • These are great for people with sensitive stomachs, as they contain either one or both protein sources.
  • Dry food can also be beneficial to breeds of dogs that are prone to dental disease, such as Greyhounds and Shelties. The kibble keeps teeth clean, and it doesn’t build up on the surface.
  • Dry food will last longer in warmer climates, so it is easier to feed.

You may want the best of both and decide to feed them both. Mixed feed is a popular choice. Some owners mix the two in one bowl. Some owners feed wet food first thing in the morning and then dry food at night. You can feed dry food all day and wet food during mealtimes. This can cause overeating for some people who are greedy, so it’s not suitable for everyone. Ziwi Peak offers the best food to suit your needs.

What Is The Age Of Your Dog?

All Ziwi Peak dry and wet recipes are suitable for all life stages. Each recipe is safe for dogs over six weeks of age. This is particularly useful for multi-dog households, where one dog may steal another’s food.

Dry kibble can be difficult to digest for some very young or old dogs. A wet option may be the best choice in these situations. Even dogs without teeth, or those who are elderly, can eat dry biscuits. If you prefer dry food, add a small amount of warm water to make it softer if necessary.

If you have a brand-new puppy and want to feed it the best food available on the market.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Any Medical Conditions?

It is important to feed your dog the right diet. The right diet can help with many medical conditions, such as atopic dermatitis and inflammatory bowel diseases. Ziwi Peak, a high-quality food that is digestible, can be very helpful. It is best to talk about your dog’s diet with their veterinarian.

All Ziwi Peak Recipes have a small number of sources of protein. This is great for those who have food sensitivities or allergies. Canines can be sensitive to whether it is a grain or a meat. If your dog is showing signs of food allergies, you may want to consider getting them tested for allergies. If you can’t do this, then monitor your dog closely as they change their diet. Intolerant symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or itchy skin can indicate intolerance.

What Is The Best Flavour Of Ziwi Peak?

Each Ziwi peak recipe has its own distinct aroma and flavor profile. Your dog is a very discerning individual, even if it may not seem so to you. Each dog has a preference, and they will let you know what food they like.

Some dogs are fish lovers. Mackerel & Lamb Recipe is a great choice for them. The first ingredient is mackerel. This oily fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This mackerel was wild-caught by New Zealanders.

Some dogs just can’t get enough meat. They won’t be able to resist grass-fed lamb, chicken, and venison!

The Ziwi Peak lamb & tripe is a favorite for those who are picky. Contains a high amount of tripe, which has a strong smell and taste that dogs love.

Let’s talk Provenance Ziwi for those pets that appreciate fine tastes. This range is unique because it contains five different types of meat and fish. Here is something new that will delight the taste buds of food connoisseurs. This unique product is inspired by the stunning country of New Zealand.

Your dog will be spoilt for choice with delicious recipes that are inspired by the East Cape, Otago Valley, and Hauraki Plains. These foods can be used as complete meals. You can also use them as toppers for other diets to add flavour and texture.

What Is The Best Ziwi Peak Protein For Your Dog’s Health?

All Ziwi Peak options are complete in nutrition and very tasty. All the nutrients your dog requires for optimal health are included in these foods. The meat and fish are ethically sourced, ensuring Mother Earth comes first. You can read up on each ingredient to help you decide which recipe is best for you.


It’s no wonder that chicken is the most popular flavour of dog food. It is an absolute winner. It is rare for a dog to dislike the taste of chicken. Most dogs tolerate chicken well because it is highly digestible. Rarely will you find a company producing pet food that uses birds raised in the wild. Ziwi’s commitment to the ethical treatment of animals is evident in this case. Free-range chickens not only enjoy a better quality of life, but their meat is also more tender and juicy.


New Zealand is known for its lamb. Why shouldn’t our dogs enjoy the same high-quality food as humans? Lambs are grass-fed and free-range, which ensures a high-quality meat. Lamb meat is high in fat, making it an excellent choice for dogs who work or are active. If your dog is trying to lose weight or is prone to gaining weight, you may want to consider a different protein source.


Venison, which is deer meat, is increasingly popular among pet owners. Your dog’s mouth is sure to water as soon as you put some in their bowl. This is a low-fat and low-cholesterol source of meat. This recipe for wet venison contains only 4% fat, making it ideal for people watching their weight! Vets also recommend low-fat diets to treat certain conditions such as diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. Always discuss which diet is best for your dog with your veterinarian.


You get a lot for your money with both dry and wet diets that contain beef, offal, and bone. Dogs in the wild would naturally eat the entire carcass, and this is a great way to feed them. Cattle are treated with respect and finished on pastures, not feedlots. Your dog will be able to eat the same as you, as they are free of growth hormones and antibiotics.


Tripe is one of the most under-appreciated superfoods. Tripe, which is technically the stomach of any ruminant animal (cows or sheep, in this case), is extremely nutritious and packed with protein. Rich in vitamins and minerals.


Mackerel comes from the waters around New Zealand. It is farmed sustainably. Mackerel contains a high amount of essential fatty acids, which have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Omega 3 fatty acid contributes to the health of the skin, coat, and joints. This product is most beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis or joint disease.

You can feed your dog any Ziwi Peak flavor, and they will get a nutritious, high-protein diet. If you like to stick with a routine, it’s fine. Why not change it from time to time? You’ll likely get a big thank-you from your dog!


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