5 reasons to join the fun at RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk!

Did you know that our largest annual fundraiser, the Million Paws Walk, has been going on for 26 years?

Some people bring their pets every year, while others attend for the first year.

Here are five reasons why the Million Paws walk is the most popular dog event of the year.
This is an easy choice. Million Paws Walk was created for dog lovers. Tens of thousands will walk together with their dogs to combat animal cruelty. We bet that if you ask the owners nicely, you’ll get to pat them all!

2. The Great Outdoors *sniff*
What could be better than a lovely Sunday stroll? Exercise, fresh air in autumn, happy faces. Did we mention that there will be plenty of pups? We guarantee that you will have plenty of pooch friends to play with, even if you do not own a dog.

3. Be a part of something BIG
Last year, 160,000 paws and 70,500 walkers raised money to end animal cruelty. This is your opportunity to walk with tens of thousands of Australians in 2020 and be able to say, “I was there!”

4. Meet new human friends
On Sunday, 17 May, Australians will walk together to support the RSPCA. You’re sure to meet other animal lovers who share your passion. Volunteering on the day is a great way to meet more people.

5. You’re helping Aussie animals in need
All proceeds from Millionpaws Walk will be used to support the RSPCA’s ongoing efforts to care for animals who are in need. By pounding the streets, you are helping to keep our animal shelters and inspectors on their way, as well as providing community education about animal care and welfare.


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