The first time I viewed an audio recording by Eckankar known as Miracles in Your Life, I was aware that it was something special. The video is a short introduction to HU, the sacred sound of the Soul. The melody of the background music is a thrill to me. The photography is stunning, and the inspiring words are heart-warming.

A few days ago, I offered to watch Owen, who was the son of my aunt and husband, at their house. They were working night shifts as police officers, and I was pleased to assist them. When I offered to help, I had no idea that the cousin’s German dog, Casey, would show me another side of Love in Miracles in Your Life.

As soon as I arrived as a babysitter for Owen, Casey made it clear that she viewed taking care of Owen as much as mine and did her best. Casey was attentive to my every movement, and Owen frequently followed us throughout the house. She sat on the floor with Owen as he played, checking in with him now and then to make sure he was okay. The way that Casey loved the precious baby made me feel so happy to be there with her.

One night, Owen was crying. There was nothing that pleased him. Being able to meet his physical needs was not enough to calm him. I did my best to sing to the baby, walked, rocked, and bounced him as Casey paced between me and Casey like a frantic mother.

In search of a fresh idea, an idea popped into my head: PlayMiracles in Your Life. The relaxing background music might be just the thing Owen is looking for.

I turned on the speakers and played the video on my mobile phone. The music that was played was as relaxing as a soothing song. Owen quieted almost instantly. But Casey’s reaction filled me with amazement.

The moment the music started, Casey snapped to attention. She listened attentively for a while. Then she got on the couch and shifted into the position of a person who was thinking. She was sitting straight with her legs extended before her. I was shocked when she began to yell in a manner that sounded a lot like the sounds of singing the song HU in Miracles in Your Life.

I played the video a number of times. Casey always was the same. Every time she played it, the lovely Soul sang/howled at the top of her voice, as well as the three-minute video.

I decided to film her reaction. Casey was not disappointed. It is wonderful to have this amazing memory, not just in my heart but also as a video that I can enjoy and watch repeatedly.

In the book, The Sound of Soul, Sri Harold Klemp writes, “Love can be described as Love. You are this. HU is the Sound of Soul.”

I think Casey has recognized his Sound of Soul.


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