Knowing the dangers of paralysis ticks and how to identify if your pet is affected will keep them safe over the next few months.

Paralysis ticks can affect both cats and dogs.

If you act fast, it is possible to treat paralysis tick.

Understand the signs

* Lack of coordination or stumbling in the rear legs

The back legs are weak

* Changes in the voice or bark

* Retching (sometimes a moist, wet cough), coughing

Drooling or excessive salivation

Loss of appetite

* Progressive paralysis of the legs

* Rapid breathing or difficulty breathing

* Make a grunting sound when you breathe

Consult your veterinarian as soon as you can if your cat or dog is showing signs of abnormal behavior or symptoms.

How do you check your pet?

Use your fingertips to carefully feel through the coat of pets at least once per day. Ticks and tick craters are felt as lumps.

The majority of ticks can be found on the neck, face, and ears, as well as in front of the legs. Remember to check your entire pet.

* Begin by examining your pet’s nose. Then, slowly move on to the forehead and ears. (Outer and inner surfaces of the ear flap). Search the lips, eyes, and skin/fur surrounding the lips and eyes. Examine all folds of skin.

Remove collars from the neck and check the area, including the folds in the skin.

The search should continue, first at the shoulders and then the front legs. Check between each toe as well as the underside of the front foot. Check under the “armpits” as well.

* Check the chest, the entire back, the sides, the inguinal area (groin), the area around the tail, the anus, the thighs and back legs. Also, check the toes, feet, and between the toes of the rear legs.

If you notice any signs of tick poisoning or find a crater or a tick on your pet, immediately take it to a veterinarian while keeping your pet calm and as comfortable as possible.

Do NOT give food or drink or anything else orally to pets affected by tick paralysis.

Treat your pet every year with a parasite-prevention product. These products work against paralysis ticks and can prevent your pet from becoming sick.


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