Getting Ready to Walk This May? Here’s how to spice it up!

We encourage RSPCA supporters in May to get their feet moving (literally and metaphorically) by putting their furry friends on a leash and doing some socially responsible exercises for 30 minutes each day.

Create an obstacle course to spice up your dog’s routine. Not only will you give your dog some variety, but it will also increase their mental stimulation. Click Here to learn how to make your own.

The game of fetch is an old one, but not all dogs are trained to play it or have had much experience with the game. Like obstacle courses, fetch is a great way to keep dogs active and engaged in activities. Learn how to teach fetch to your dog here.

Get your pedometer and pedometer! Why not also consider other ways to exercise your dog? Hide-and-seek, swimming, enhanced walking, and stairwalks are some of the fun and engaging ways to exercise with your pet.


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