The spring is the best time to spot snakes as males are looking for females with which to mate. Keep in mind: Snakes do not want to be around humans. They are also less likely to approach humans. Snakes bite most people and animals when they try to disturb, scare, or move them.

Keep snakes away.

Keep the grass down.

Remove all wood and rubbish piles.

Snakes may hide in a variety of objects, including corrugated metal sheets. Sheets of corrugated steel

* Always keep your dog on a leash when walking, particularly near water

Avoid areas with long grasses

* Provide your cat with a safe enclosure that is snake-proof.

When you see a snake in your home, call 911.

* Move away slowly

* Watch it from a distance.

Protect your pets

It would be best if you did NOT attempt to kill or catch the snake.

If you are concerned about the snake’s behavior and want to remove it, contact a licensed snake handler.

Please close the door of the room where the snake is located and place a cloth in front of it to stop it from escaping before calling the handler.

Symptoms of snake bites in your pets:

Sudden weakness and collapse

* Muscle twitching or shaking and difficulty blinking


* Loss or inability to control bladder and bowel movements

Dilated pupils

* Paralysis

Blood in Urine

If your pet bites:

Keep your children calm and quiet

Please take them to a vet immediately

* Early treatment can improve the chances of recovery

If you live a long way from the clinic, ask your vet for advice on how to stabilize your pet.

* DO NOT apply a tourniquet or wash the wound.

Tell your veterinarian if you know the name of the snake. A blood or urine test will help identify the snake and determine which anti-venom is needed.


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