How KONG can help newly adopted furry friends settle in

KONG donates thousands and thousands of toys each year to RSPCA care centers and shelters in Australia.

Playing with KONG can help your pet settle into your home and get to know your family. Playing with your pet enables you to spend quality time together, and it helps them learn the rules and boundaries of their new home. It also stimulates their minds. KONG’s Tug Toys or Chase Toys are great for interactive play.
Hot Tip: Be gentle, praise good behavior, and reward it with rewards. This will help to build trust and create a strong relationship. Never punish your pet, as this will erode their confidence and may lead to behavior problems.

You will need to give your new pet a lot more care and attention in order to build their trust. You may need to leave your pet for short periods. To avoid anxiety, try to make it a gradual process. Leave for short periods and reward them when you return with a healthy treat or playtime. Gradually extend your absence so that they know you’ll always be back. They can also look forward to a playtime or a walk when you return.

To avoid boredom, leave them toys to play with while you’re away. To prevent boredom, keep a stash of toys and give them different toys on different days. Toys like KONG Interactive chew toys, Treat Dispensers, and Food Puzzles that can be filled up with healthy doggie food and treats can keep your pet entertained while you’re away. Try taking your dog for a short walk before leaving. This will help tire them out before you go. Avoid feeding your dog immediately before or following exercise.


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