Puppies! Everyone loves how adorable they are. They’re cuddly and adorable. The puppies are. For pet owners and dog breeders alike, the wait for the arrival of a new puppy may seem like a long time! But the good thing is that a puppy’s life is shorter than a human’s. What is the length of time puppies get pregnant?

In general, dogs are pregnant for about 63 days; however, this could vary just a couple of days depending on a variety of variables.

There’s a lot of information involved in the dog’s birth, and this article will cover everything you must be aware of.

The Canine Reproductive Cycle

It is essential to comprehend the canine reproductive cycle in order to determine when dogs are pregnant. A dog that is unaltered will undergo a heat cycle about every six months. There are dependent on the breed and the dog itself. Female dogs go through four stages during the reproduction cycle. These are:


The first stage is usually nine days long. Females start to attract males, even though they’re not yet in a position to be ready to get married. Proestrus indicators are swelling of the vulva’s bloody discharge.


The estrus stage can last from three to 11 days. Females will be open for mating in this stage. The signs of estrus are an increased and soft vulva as well as the appearance of a light discharge.


Diestrus is the last phase and occurs on the 14th day. For the duration of these two months when female becomes less receptive to males. The indicators of diestrus are:

  • Males are not attracted to her.
  • The discharge gets redder as it tapers off
  • Vulva is back to normal


This is the time between diestrus and the proestrus that follows, which lasts around four months. However, in certain breeds, it can last for a longer time. In this period, the body prepares itself for the possibility of a future pregnancy.

Once you know the cycle of heat, you will be able to better estimate the length of a dog’s gestation. You can determine the dates of conception by observing the breeding and heat cycle time.

How To Tell If A Dog Is Pregnant

It’s hard to determine immediately if an animal can tell for sure if a dog is pregnant. It’s likely that you’ll need to depend on your vet to help you determine. You’ll need an accurate idea of the duration of what the animal was born. This is since the four methods for checking for the presence of a puppy are time-sensitive.

Tests for hormones

Tests for relaxin are one method of determining whether a dog is pregnant. Relaxin is a hormone released through the placenta tissues during pregnancy. The test used to diagnose pregnancy is generally precise, however, the female must be at minimum 30 days pregnant. Tests that are not done prior to this can result in false negatives.

Abdominal palpation

The abdominal palpation can be done by touching the abdomen of a dog in order to look for any swellings within the uterus. Every fetus is an elongated sac filled with fluid which can be experienced between 21 days and 35 days after gestation. After one month, the sacs begin to lose their shape, and the uterus begins to feel a sensation that could be mistaken for pyometra or fat.


X-rays are most effective after day 55. After an x-ray scan doctor, the vet will be able to provide an exact count of puppies and determine the ideal time for elective cesareans to be carried out.


At the beginning of gestation, ultrasounds can be conducted between the days of 25-35 to determine whether a dog is expecting. In addition, ultrasounds may detect heartbeats from the fetus that are growing inside the pregnant dog.

How Long Is A Dog’s Gestation Period?

In dogs, the typical gestation time is about 63 to 63 days after the date of conception, however, it can differ by a few days. If you do know when the mating day occurred but it’s difficult to pinpoint the date of conception. This is because mating isn’t a precise measure of the gestation period. Female eggs are fertile for a period of up to 48 hours, and sperm may remain for a long time inside the female. In the end, this makes it difficult to determine the exact date on which the pregnancy is born. Based on hormone measurement, the length of gestation is in the following order:

  • Between 56 and 58 days after the day that diestrus began
  • 64-66 days after the initial increase in progesterone
  • From 58 to 72 days after the day of the first breeding

Stages Of Dog Pregnancy

When a puppy is born, the gestational phases are fairly short, and the pups grow quickly within two to three months.

First month

The embryos begin to move into the uterine horns on the 7th day. The embryos become embedded within the lining of the uterus around on the 16th of July. On day 22, the embryos begin to form. Some dogs don’t exhibit signs of pregnancy in the initial three weeks. A few signs of pregnancy during the first month are:

  • Affectionate behavior is increasing
  • An increase in appetite
  • Activity is declining
  • A slight increase in the size of the nipples
  • Clear vaginal discharge

Second month

In the second month, the development of the fetus is swift. On the 50th day, scans of x-rays will reveal that there are pups as well as the mother will start searching for a suitable place to settle around the day of 58. The signs of pregnancy in the second month are:

  • Increase in appetite
  • An average of 20-50 percent weight gain
  • Firm abdomen, enlarged.
  • Visible puppy movement
  • Uterine frequency has increased
  • Behavior changes
  • Reduced appetite after the 45th day
  • Clear vaginal discharge

Third month

At the beginning of the 3rd month, she is expected to wean. At the time of the fifty-eighth day, the development of the puppies is nearly complete. The puppies will start moving to the whelping stage over the final couple of days during pregnancy. Some signs to look out for are:

  • Trimming the waist as pups get towards whelping positions
  • Restlessness
  • Appetite loss
  • Temperature drop in the body up to 24 hours prior to labor


The birth of a puppy is a thrilling time for dog owners. Knowing the whole process will provide you with an idea of when your new puppies will be born. Additionally, you’ll be aware of what your dog is expected to be experienced at every stage. With this knowledge and preparation, you’ll be ready for the day that is coming. The process of becoming a dog mother is a stressful time for both of you and your dog and your dog, but knowing about their transition to motherhood will ease the burden when you are confident that everything is in order.


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