Dog training is an essential part of dog ownership. It’s also an excellent way for you to strengthen your bond with your dog. Basic dog training commands can be beneficial for any age. Positive reinforcement is key to training your dog. Start small and work up.

Many training methods can be used to teach basic obedience. However, positive reinforcement is the most effective. This includes verbal praise, treats, and toys. These are the top tips to help you get the most out of your dog’s reward-based training. 1

Have fun when training.

Begin by training your dog in a calm area, free of distractions.

You can vary the training sessions and add treats to make your dog look forward to training with your trainer.

Keep sessions brief.

Your pup will stay motivated if you end your day on a positive, nurturing note.

You should be able to focus on the rewards. Use love, treats, and toys.

You can teach your dog many commands, including sit, come, stay, place, walk nicely on a leash and leave it. These commands are handy if your family is involved in outdoor activities with your canine companion. To make it easier to train, we’ll use the term “Fido,” your dog’s name, when discussing the commands below.

How to teach your dog to sit

You can control Fido by saying, “Sit.” This is useful for his safety and convenience. This gives Fido a positive alternative for unwanted behaviors, such as jumping on you or spinning around while you try to tie his leash.

Fido will enjoy a small treat placed in front of his nose. Slowly lift it enough to clear Fido’s head. Next, move it slowly towards his tail and say, “Sit!” Your dog’s rear end will drop as his head rises.

Give him the treat as soon as his fanny touches the ground. Keep him from standing up before you give him the charm. Make him sit down, and then give him the treat.

You can space several sessions with three to four repetitions per day. If he responds slowly, you can continue rewarding him with the treat. However, reward him when he sits down.

Slowly increase the time your dog must sit to receive the treat. You can eventually stop giving your dog treats. You can praise him and occasionally provide him with pleasure. Make the game fun for him.

How to train your dog to come

It’s easy to train your dog to come when you call him. It is much easier to have a dog who comes running than one who ignores it. A dog that is available when you call it will be more secure than one who doesn’t.


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