Walking our dogs daily is important for their health. What else can we do to make WALKIES fun for all, including our furry companions?

Hot pavements

It is important to remember this, especially in light of the heatwaves Australia has experienced over the summer. Try to walk your dog in the mornings or evenings on hot and humid days.

The paws of dogs are very sensitive to heat and can easily be burned by hot asphalt or pavement. Avoid walking in hot areas such as sand, concrete or asphalt.

Use the Five Second Rule to determine if a surface is too hot. If it is too hot for you to touch the surface, it will be too hot for the dog.

Take the Lead!

As a responsible pet owner, you must ensure that your dog wears a leash when out for a stroll.

If your dog pulls, don’t jerk or pull the lead back. Instead, stand like a tree and reward him when he returns to walk with you. They will associate loose information with rewards and pull without any compensation. Continue to reward them for being beside you, and they’ll soon realize that this is the best place to be.

Never tie your dog up to your car or bike. In some states, such as NSW or South Australia, RTA road rules stipulate that a cyclist cannot lead an animal by tethering it, even if the vehicle is in motion.

Learn more about harnesses that are suitable for your dog and get our tips on how to teach your puppy or dog to walk with a leash.


It’s a good idea to let your dog run free in an enclosed area, such as a dog park or your backyard. You can let your dog run around and regulate the pace of their exercise. You can add off-lead activities to your daily walks.

Poo bags

It’s just common sense. If your dog poop, pick it up.

Exercise and food can be deadly.
Exercise your dog before or after meals to avoid bloat, which can be fatal, especially in dogs with large chests, such as Great Danes and Saint Bernards.


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