Pentobarbital: Dog Food Testing & Clean Dog Food Labels

Is Pentobarbital what it sounds like

Animals and humans can utilize the chemical pentobarbital to perform euthanasia. It is a barbiturate that acts slowly and can cause respiratory arrest, resulting in death. A small portion of the substance can effectively reduce the heart rate and breathing. [Source: Open Chemistry Database]

What happens when Pentobarbital is within pet foods

While Pentobarbital is the most common method of killing animals, the carcass is unclean and shouldn’t be used to produce pet food. However, some substandard rendering plants for pet food have been found to employ animals who died other rather than slaughtered. According to a 2002 report by the FDA, “it is assumed that the pentobarbital residues are entering pet foods from euthanized, rendered cattle or even horses.”

In “I and love and you,” We hold ourselves to a set of standards that ensures any amount of Pentobarbital is permitted for our food products to pets. We have decided not to include animal by-products in our meals due to the differing quality and the possibility of contamination with these ingredients.

What could happen should my pet eat products containing Pentobarbital? What do I do

Pets who have taken Pentobarbital can begin to exhibit signs of neurologic distress. The FDA states, “Oral exposure to Pentobarbital could cause drowsiness dizziness and excitement, as well as inability to balance, nausea as well as Nystagmus (eyes shifting between them in a jerky way) as well as the inability of standing up, or death. If you notice any of these symptoms in their pets must consult your veterinarian.”

How can I stay away from pet food that has Pentobarbital in it

The Clean Label Project is a non-profit organization “advocating for product transparency.” The website is designed to make it simpler for consumers to find safe items for pets and babies. The company regularly tests products and provides brand report cards. Click here for pet-related brands and see the Best in Class ratings “I and love and you.”

The Clean Label Project is launching an initiative to ensure that the pet food you buy is not contaminated with Pentobarbital. Clean Label Project is offering the brands a badge to put on their products, indicating that they have been tested and found for pentobarbital-free products. This badge is visible on the “I and love and you” website. It was chosen due to the Clean Label Project for their initial tests.


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