Puppy Training Guide: How to Stop Puppy Biting & Nipping

Whether you’re the first puppy owner or a while since you’ve had your first puppy, having a brief overview of puppies’ training and care will always help. With their adorable puppy eyes and tiny bodies, puppies epitomize adorableness. But the price for their sweet and beautiful face is the destructive and sometimes frustrating behavior. Nothing takes the puppy love glasses off as endless chewing and biting. If they’ve picked your shoes, furniture, or you as their favorite toys to chew on, they are known to bite at anything and everything. The good thing is that educating their teeth and tackling the issue is much less complicated than other puppy-training tasks.

What to Do About All the Puppy Nipping

After all the biting, chewing, and nipping from your puppy, you probably asked, in your most Seinfeld tone, “What’s the deal with all the biting?” Puppies experience a degree of teething when their teeth expand, just like babies; however, they also bite as normal behavior when they play. If you’ve ever watched puppies play, with their smile and awe, you’ll see that they are known to bite each other. The puppy you are watching is performing the exact similar thing to you. They are eager to play, and they’ll bite you since it’s how they’re conditioned to do. However, just like Peter Parker, They don’t understand their own strength after getting spider powers. This is why they may bite too forcefully.

The method they use to know when to stop depends on the reaction. When playing with a dog, the dog will shout when they’re bitten too hard. You can perform the same action to get the dog off of bites. But, as hilarious as it might sound, mimicking a dog’s cry isn’t necessary. Instead, you can respond by reacting to the pain and warn them to stop biting too much. The harsh words of warning and high-pitched, loud “OWs” simulate the same shout and alert them. If they stop biting and calm down, give them treats to reward them for their excellent behavior.

This is one of many methods of teaching children to stop chewing. It’s only possible to use the word “Ow” so many times before it becomes a non-issue point. Another method of teaching your dog to stop biting is to refrain from engaging playfully when they bite. This may be the most challenging thing to do, but if your dog fights you, take it off the table. This will teach them that if they bite, it’s game over. (Insert the gif from Bill Paxton from Aliens yelling the game over). You can take it one more step by turning while tucking the hands in your armpits following a bite. This can be a soothing signal to the puppy and inform them that the playtime is over. In time, they’ll recognize that biting can lead to the game’s conclusion and stay clear of the situation. As we mentioned, keeping your puppy’s affection will be tough. However, it’s just like Teagan and Sara were singing in Faint of Heart: It’s hard when you’re in love.

How to Stop Puppy Biting

The furniture is not the issue! And neither are the shoes! You’ve convinced your sweet girl or boy who’s chewing on you; however, how do you convince them to stop gnawing on your belongings? From your most loved shoe to that hand-me-down couch you’ve been living in since college, anything you own could be an object for your puppy’s tear-up. The solution is the same as most dog issues you’ll confront – treats and toys. An enjoyable delight such as chews for the ear, bully stix, or wholesome bones can keep your dog’s attention away from your mess and provide health benefits like improving breath. Similar to the rest of our food, The treats and chews from “I and love and you” are made from real meat, contain no grain or other fillers, and are free of artificial ingredients. Each pet is different, so tailor the exercises, chews, and toys to your dog’s tastes and character. If you persist with this approach, you can expect your dog to bite their chew toys and chew within minutes.


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