The Scoop on Poop: How to Tell What Your Dog’s Poop Means

Let’s talk about poop!

Your pet’s urine can provide a wealth of information regarding the nutritional quality of their diet and stomach. In this post, I will discuss how often your dog should poop and what it will appear like. It’s crucial to know what’s normal and possible warning signs to look for in the poop of your dog.


Dogs should pee at least once a day. Raw-fed dogs might poop once a day. If your dog’s poop is more than twice per day, it could be a sign that they’re taking a high fiber-rich diet or isn’t digestible enough (easily absorbable). If your dog’s urine output is lower than once daily, it could result from a fiber deficiency or another illness.


A normal poop should be a slender log that doesn’t leave a footprint after being taken up. Loose poop can indicate a deeper issue like food sensitivity or parasite infection, inadequate quality food, excessive fiber, or intestinal inflammation. A stiff, dry poop that forms into tiny balls suggests constipation. It can be caused by a lack of water, a low fiber intake or food sensitivities, or even intestinal inflammation.


Normal poop usually has dark brown. But, if you’re feeding an amino acid-based, rabbit-based, or a diet rich in minerals, it might be lighter in hue. The most alarming shade is black. This color may indicate that your dog has bleeding from their digestive tract, and it’s time to visit your vet. If your dog’s poop is always either orange or green-colored poo, inform your vet.

If your dog’s poop isn’t completely perfect, here are a few suggestions to follow:

Probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help promote healthy digestion and healthier poop. Probiotics are available inside naked Essentials Duck & Chicken. You can also include the probiotics in capsule form. This is my top brand. To get the trifecta, you can create your probiotic-rich food.

Digestive supplements. I love using licorice, glutamine, and chamomile to heal and soothe the intestinal lining. Here is my favorite digestive support supplement.

Change the source of meat. Allergies to food or sensitivities can be frequent. Try switching your dog to a different source of protein. If you feed your dog beef, lamb, chicken, or turkey, consider a recipe such as Simply Simple Whitefish and sweet potato.

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