Cat accidents can be a bit painful, but they are easily fixed. If you’re adopting a kitten or a cat that has never had an environment, you’ll have to show your cat how to use toilets. There are several reasons why your cat might not be using their litter box. An issue with behavior or medical usually causes these problems. It is possible to learn quite some things through your cat’s body expressions that can aid in identifying the cause of this undesirable behavior.

Top Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing Outside of The Litter Box

Medical IssueThis behavior pattern could result from an infection in the urinary tract or bladder stones, kidney disease, or diabetes. A simple urine or blood examination at the vet will assist in determining the cause. One thing for sure is that good thing going into equals good stuff going out, and our pet food is top-of-the-line.

An Unclean Litter Box

Like humans, cats do not wish to urinate in an unsanitary space. The litter box must be emptied daily and cleaned every couple of weeks. The smell sense of cats is far more heightened than ours, and they can spot the presence of filth more effectively than we do.

Stress or Anxiety

Cats can exhibit urinary behavior known as “spraying” to mark their territory. They might do this close to the door to the back or front of your home if cats roaming around the yard cause them to feel scared. Also, the smell of their urine is an effective stress reliever for your cat. Therefore, they could urinate anywhere they feel the need to relax. If you can, attempt to reduce some of your cat’s stress to stop this behavior.

Location of Litter Box

Like real estate, it’s all about place, location, and location in the box. This is particularly relevant for older cats that might have difficulty climbing the stairs. Naturally, most parents do not prefer a litterbox in the middle of the kitchen or living room, but it shouldn’t be far away from the bustle of the house. The best locations to place an outdoor litter box are the principal hallway, bathroom, or in the office that can easily access garbage disposal.


Contrary to what people believe that cats pee on your furniture or clothing, It’s not an indication that they’re unhappy with you. They’re likely to try to connect with you by mixing your scents.

Ultimately, the secret to stopping urination out of the toilet is as easy as being a responsible pet pawn. Ensure your pet is healthy and regularly take them to the vet immediately after any problems are discovered.


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