You want your pet to be healthy as a cat or dog parent. Giving your pet regular flea and tick medicine is essential, but choosing the right product cannot be easy.


Tick and flea collars are suitable for both cats and dogs. They provide reliable protection and do not require regular reapplications. The chemicals released by collars are toxic to certain pest insects but not to pets. Normal wear of the collar can spread the chemicals to your pet’s whole body. Fleas and ticks are not an issue as long as your pet wears the collar.

Topical Medications

Pet parents often choose to use topical medication. Also known as /products/pet/plus-flea-and-tick-spot-on-for-cats spot-on medications, they kill fleas and ticks, spreading through a pet’s skin and hair oils. The drug will not rub off. The medicine protects your pet against larvae, mature fleas, and ticks for up to 30 consecutive days.

Topical flea and tick medication have the advantage of only needing to be thought about once per month. You can apply on a schedule, and your furry friend will be fine, regardless of the weather or climate.


Are you living in an area where ticks and fleas are a problem? Sprays may be your best option. To prevent infestations, flea and tick sprays such as Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spray kill the pests upon contact. The spray can also stop flea eggs from hatching for as long as two months. This spray is insecticide-based. It kills eggs, larvae, adult fleas, and mosquitoes.

Sprays work immediately upon contact. If your pet is infested, you don’t need to wait for the ingredients to activate on its body. It is possible to spray it more often than once a day, but be sure to follow all label instructions.

How do you choose a Flea or Tick Medication?

Flea and tick prevention is better than none at all. Consider how often and how it will work. It would help if you also considered your environment and the season. Tick infestations can be more severe in certain areas.

Quality is also essential. To keep your cat or dog flea- and tick-free, shop Adams(TM), products


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