Fleas can lay as many as 40 eggs per day 1, so you might get some of these little pests on your cat from time to time. Fleas can hop onboard outdoor cats to get a free meal, but indoor cats can also be infected.

It is best to keep your cat indoors to avoid wild animals. This prevents your cat from being exposed to parasites and diseases like fleas. You may still find fleas on your cat indoors, but it is essential to know how to deal with them.

How Fleas Travel Indoors

Fleas love to bite and live on the skin of their victims. Fleas can reach cats even if they are indoors. Fleas can leap 160 times the length of their bodies through windows and doors. You can see them jumping through windows and door cracks. 2 Fleas can detect your cat and hop over to him.

Take a ride on a human

You can get fleas or ticks from walking in an infestation field or yard. Pets or people who deliver groceries can also bring fleas into your home.

These parasites are invisible to you and hide on clothes. They can be found on the feline friend’s clothing when they snuggle up to you. They can still jump over to you even if they are far away.

Pups are a bit sexy

Many people have both cats and dogs as their household pets. Dogs can bring bugs to their fur from the outside because they spend a lot of time outdoors.

Fleas can infest furniture, carpets, floors, and dog beds. Fleas can also be spread to cats from pets sleeping near dogs. Fleas can switch between the dog and the cat by walking in the same place. Fleas can also be shared between pets if they share a bed.

Returning from Vacation with You

Cats love to be at home with their family. Cats will occasionally travel to see a veterinarian or groomer. Fleas can hide even from professionals, unfortunately. Fleas can also be transmitted from shared bedding to boarding shelters.

Hotel rooms can harm your cat if you travel with them. Parasites can also spread by visiting Grandma’s home and interacting with her pets.

Storing Away in a New House

Fleas can remain dormant for several months without the presence of a pet. Fleas can still infest a house if pets have lived there before. Fleas can also be carried by furniture that has been used.

Parasites love pets, so you might not be able to notice fleas on furniture immediately. Fleas can emerge from your cat’s new home or the sofa your cat is sitting on.


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