How you can involve your dog in Easter, without using chocolate

It’s wonderful that so many Australians now know that Chocolate can be toxic for dogs, cats, and other animals. Our furry friends are protected from eating Chocolate and suffering the results.

You may want to include your pet in Easter celebrations, but with Easter just around the corner. Here are some tips and warnings on how to still involve your dog in Easter celebrations while also keeping their wellbeing at the forefront.

Easter hunts do not have to be about Chocolate!

As part of the Easter hunt, your dog will enjoy sniffing out tasty treats. You can hide some dry food or special treats around the house to see how long it takes to find them.

If you are also planning a chocolate Easter egg hunt with the children, be sure to secure your dog or make sure the eggs are not within reach of him. This will prevent any chocolate from being accidentally eaten!

Easter is still a time to give your dog special treats

Easter is a time for indulgence, so there’s no need to stop your dog from enjoying a treat. This can come in the form of food, a new toy, more playtime, or even a long walk. Spending time with you is more important to dogs than a treat. So, remember that your undivided focus on them will be the best reward.

Consider giving your dog vegetable treats, such as a carrot or a cucumber, which are cut in a manner that will not cause choking. You can give your dog a small amount of fruit, such as bananas or apples, without seeds. Just be careful not to overfeed fruit as it has a high sugar level.

Avoid grapes, onions, avocados, and raisins, as they can be toxic for dogs.

Think twice before dressing up your dog for the perfect Instagram shot

Many dogs do not enjoy wearing costumes. This is especially true when the outfit rests on their heads or covers them.

You can get your dog in the Easter spirit by using a bandana with an Easter theme that you can loosely tie around their neck. If your dog is wearing an accessory other than a collar or harness, always supervise them. Remove the addition immediately if it seems uncomfortable.

Easter weekend can be spent on the couch, reading a book, or drinking a hot beverage. Your dog will also snuggle up with you.

We enjoy spending special holidays with our pets. Easter can be enjoyed with your pet while keeping your dog’s well-being in mind.


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