Thinking of taking your dog to the office? Here’s our tips

Many of us have returned to work or plan to in the near term. Some people may be considering bringing their dogs to work, especially if they’ve just adopted a dog during the pandemic.

The RSPCA is a big fan of dog-friendly offices. Having a pet dog in the office makes it a great experience for the workers as well as the dogs. Before bringing your pet into the office, there are some things you should consider to ensure that it does not negatively impact your coworkers’ health and welfare.

Before bringing your dog to the workplace

Before bringing your dog to the office, make sure that your employer is okay with this. Dogs may not be allowed in some work environments. Some coworkers may have valid reasons to not want dogs at the office, including severe allergies and phobias.

You want to minimize the possibility that your dog will spread an infectious disease at work. Ensure they are clearly identified and that the microchip is up to date.

If you want your dog to behave calmly in the office in the future, reward him with positive reinforcement.


A comfortable, safe, and secure environment

Ensure that the office is pet-friendly. Watch out for cords, cables, and toxic plants. Also, make sure that they don’t end up in the garbage or people’s food.

Bring along your pet’s favorite blanket, bed, and food (plus treats), as you would any other food or water. Having their favorite toys around will keep them entertained while you work.

If you are absent, place the bed at the desk or near the desk of someone your dog trusts and knows. This way, the dog will be directly supervised. Baby gates can be used to create temporary pens around the owner’s desk. This is a good solution. If it is appropriate, you can bring your dog with you to meetings or other areas.

It would be best if you did not allow your dog to enter the kitchen. To prevent this, you can close the door and call them to you when they come. Reward them for coming to you.

It’s best if the dogs have never met before to introduce them outside of the office. Introduce them in the parking lot and take them on a short walk before they go into the office.


The day

Exercise your dog early in the day to keep them calm and relaxed when you arrive at work. Your dog will always want some time to themselves in the morning so they can meet other dogs and greet your coworkers.

Take your dog on a walk during your lunch hour. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Avoid feeding your dog right before or immediately after exercising.

It would be best if you also allowed enough time for toilet breaks. Reward your dog with a tasty treat when they use the toilet correctly. It’s best to show no reaction if they accidentally go to the bathroom in the workplace. This can happen as new environments can be confusing and exciting. You can find a cleaning product without ammonia at your local pet store or vet.


There are many more tips in our Knowledgebase. We hope that following these suggestions will make the experience of bringing your dog to work a positive one for all involved!


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