Adoption is a great option if you want to bring a furry friend into the family. You’ll not only be giving a second chance to one of thousands of animals at RSPCA adoption centers but also the opportunity to create a lifelong friend with the help of valuable advice from RSPCA staff. You’ll also be able to make a positive impact on the lives of other animals because each dollar you pay for adoption goes to helping the RSPCA to care for as many as possible.

Give an animal the second chance it deserves

The RSPCA shelters thousands of animals every year who are brought into its care by no fault of theirs. Our animals come to us for many different reasons. Some have been abandoned, others have never had a home, and some, sadly, have experienced neglect or cruelty. All of them have something in common: they need a new home. What could be better than giving someone in need a second chance by adopting your best friend?

We can find you the perfect match.

The RSPCA staff get to know all the animals at our adoption centers. They are familiar with their personalities, their backgrounds, and their dislikes. We can help you to find the perfect addition to your home. You can meet many different animals at an RSPCA Adoption Centre or Petbarn Store. You might find the ideal pet that you never thought about! If your home is quieter and more relaxed, then you may want to think about an older animal. RSPCA staff can also offer advice on pet ownership and care, including how to keep your cat safe and happy.

The RSPCA looks after pets well.

Adoptions from the RSPCA come with expert and unbiased advice. RSPCA animals are subjected to health and behavior assessments in order to determine the type of home that they would be best suited for. To give dogs and cats the best start, they are desexed and microchipped. Our adoption centers feed Hill’s pet nutrition food to ensure that the animals are getting a healthy, nutritious diet. Our team of veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and animal care attendants works hard to make sure that animals in our care are cared for, as well as that they find the right home.

Adoption fees help support the RSPCA.

Adopting your next best pet from the RSPCA will also help us continue our important work caring for animals. This includes not only finding homes for other animals but also investigating animal cruelty cases and prosecuting them, as well as educating the public about responsible pet ownership. You’ll help not only the animals you bring into your home but also many more animals in the future.


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