Playtime for both you and your dog

Many toys are available on the market today that are marketed for pets. To keep your pet healthy and safe, it is important to understand the differences in quality and safety between playtime products. See our top toy tips below!

Safety First

You may be surprised to learn that there are no mandatory safety standards in Australia for pet toys. There will be many pet toys available that are not durable and of high quality to allow our pets to play with them vigorously.

Look for brands with a good reputation and those that are proud of their quality. They may even test the products before they sell them.
Avoid toys that easily tear apart, have squeakers or feathers that can be removed easily, and that contain string or feathers that could cause serious problems if ingested. Find toys that are durable and long-lasting.

KONG recommends that dog owners regularly inspect their dog’s toys and examine each one for wear and tear. Toys that show signs of wear, e.g., Toys with holes or pieces that are tearing away, should be replaced.

Always keep your eyes on the prize!

Please supervise your pet when it is playing with toys. You can then determine whether the toy will last and withstand repeated play.

Some dogs, regardless of their size and breed, can be gentle with their toys. They may even last for many years. Rachael J. James, Marketing and Communication Coordinator at the KONG Company Australia explains that some dogs are tougher on toys than others and can destroy them in a short time.

Variety in life is the taste of the world!

It’s a good idea to rotate your pet’s toys. This will add variety to the daily routine. Some pets will get attached to their favorite toys, but others may grow bored with the same toy day after day. If you want to hide toys, then do so for a time and bring them back out when other toys get boring or overused. Some pet owners keep a toybox handy so that their pets can choose which toy to play with.

Rachael, from KONG, says that toys can vary. “A toy can have a variety of purposes, from an interactive toy to a puzzle toy to a chewy toy. A chewy toy can also be filled with tasty treats. Toys are designed for throwing and retrieving. When selecting toys, it is important to take into account the dog’s needs. The chewing and playing needs of the dog are important factors in selecting toys .”

All animals are individuals.

Pets are not interested in all toys. Some dogs prefer toys that they can chew on and throw, while others like soft toys to cuddle up with. Many dogs will enjoy a variety of toys!

Don’t get frustrated if your pet doesn’t like the toy you bought for them. They won’t enjoy every toy that is presented to them. It’s great that our pets have personalities.

Playing with toys isn’t the same as spending time with your family.

Toys are not a replacement for interactive, quality playtime. Toys are tools to help you spend quality time with your pet. It would be best if you spent time with your pet every day. This is good for your pet’s health and well-being (and also for yours! ).


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