No, this spider’s venom will not give you a permanent erection, but it might last a few hours

A grocery store in Austria was shut down following an alleged sighting of a Brazilian walking web spider ( Phoneutria nigriventer). This bite can trigger an erection lasting for several hours. (Image source Anton Sorokin/Alamy)

A store in Austria was closed due to reports that a spider’s bite can result in hours-long painful and painful erections. However, claims by the media that permanent erections can last for years aren’t proven by science.

The spider was found at a discount store in Krems an der Donau, 45 miles (72 kilometers) west of Vienna. It was believed to be a Brazilian walking spider (Phoneutria nigriventer), which has led to numerous media reports suggesting that its bite may cause permanent male erections.

The 4-inch (10 centimeters) spider’s venom is potent and gives it a savage and, sometimes, fatal bit that can increase the blood pressure of the victim and can cause erections lasting for hours. But there’s no evidence to show that erections will last forever.

Past studies on rats have shown how rats can detect that Brazilian wandering spider’s venom functions by causing nitric oxide to be released into the brain. This chemical causes the biochemical cascade, which ends with creating an enzyme known as cyclic monophosphate of guanosine (cGMP), which causes the muscles of the penis area to contract and allow ten times more blood to flow.

After a few hours, however, a different compound, dubbed PDE-5, breaks cGMP and restores the penis to its previous inactive condition.

Spider’s trick functions at the opposite end of the biochemical pathway from drugs like Viagra (which blocks PDE-5’s production. PDE-5 has prompted researchers to study it with hopes of its application in future treatments for Erectile dysfunction.

After the spider’s discovery, the store was shut, and fire departments were dispatched — however, the arachnid has not yet been found to be seen.

“Despite an extensive search, no spiders have been found to date,” Austrian authorities said. It is believed that the shop won’t start again until the following week, following the conclusion of an exhaustive search.


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