Guinea pigs are wonderful pets. By following these tips, you can ensure that they’re happy and safe. Guinea pigs, like all pets, need to be exercised and mentally stimulated, have a stimulating environment, and can express normal behavior. Also, they need to be around other guinea pigs.

A social species


Guinea pigs should be kept in groups of two or more with compatible guinea pigs. It’s been proven that guinea pigs are social animals and need to be socialized from an early age. To avoid unwanted litter, make sure both animals are of the same gender or desexed.


If you introduce new animals at an early age, male guinea pigs are more likely than not to fight each other. It would be best if you didn’t separate them once they form a bond. If one guinea pig requires veterinary care, the companion should remain with them. This will reduce stress for both.


Guinea pigs and rabbits are not compatible. They have different needs. Rabbits are also capable of passing on parasites and bacteria to guinea pigs. They can also bully them and injure them with their powerful kicks.


Good Housing


You should provide your pet guinea pigs with an environment that allows them to express their normal behaviors. This includes walking, running, and tunneling. They can also play, stretch horizontally, hide in a shelter, and engage in foraging.


Give your guinea pigs plenty of space. For guinea pigs weighing more than 450 grams, we recommend a large enclosure with at least 2,500 square centimeters. Add another 900 for every additional guinea pig that weighs more than 700 grams. Our Knowledgebase has some more detailed guidelines.


Ideally, they should have access to an outdoor area that is safe and where they can graze. (Although make sure it hasn’t received any chemical sprays or weed killers). The animals must be kept secure from the rain, sun, wind, and any predators.


Providing enrichment


By using ramps and boxes, you can create a varied and exciting environment for your guinea pigs. They will enjoy exploring the different levels. You can make a forest out of polar fleece material strips that are tied to the top of the enclosure. The ribbons will dangle, and the guinea pigs can run and push through the fleece forest.


Toys like small stuffed animals, balls made of plastic, willow untreated or dried, and stuffed toys are also great for guinea pigs. You should have enough toys to allow each guinea pig at least one at a time. Shredded paper can be used as a bed or a burrowing area, and if chewed on, it will provide guinea pigs with a place to hide.


When buying products for your pet guinea pig, be careful. Some of the accessories and toys, like wheels and leashes, are not suitable and even harmful.


Rearrange the items in your guinea pigs’ enclosure or replace them with new ones. Remove any items that have become unsafe or dirty.


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