It is best to stick to the same routines and make sure your cats can escape if you feel that all of the human traffic and noise becomes too much.

Enjoy each other’s company more with these helpful tips:

Verify your home office setup. Ensure that your new office is safe not just for you but also for all of your household members. Cables, cords, and trash bins are dangerous for pets. Make sure they cannot reach them or knock over screens or hardware.

Please ensure that your cat is safe from all hazards. Cats may be drawn to the warmth provided by your keyboard. You may find your pet bringing you their best toys to show their affection or laying at your feet. Be aware of the trip hazards.

Treat yourself
If you do not usually work at home, it is important to keep in mind that your pets may not be used to seeing you or getting treats during working hours. Please do not overfeed your pet, even if you spend more time with them. It is important to keep your pet healthy by sticking to the usual routine.

When working from home, we have to be cautious not to overeat or change our eating habits.

Give me constant affection!
You may find that your pets will love you so much when you are home during working hours or long periods of isolation. You may not be able to continue giving endless neck and tummy scratches due to a deadline or video conference with your boss. It is important to give your pet a solo activity or game that they can enjoy. Visit our blog to learn how to make playtime safe and the video on making a DIY cat puzzle.

Get up and Move
It is good to take regular breaks and play with your pet at home. Playing fetch with your dog or taking your pet for a walk while assuming a social distance is a great way to strengthen your bond with them.

Zoomies in Zoom
The lower chance of socializing with co-workers when you are used to being at the office can be a downside to working from your home. This can be done with video conferencing, other technologies, and even introducing your pet to your co-workers. You can also give your pets titles at your home office, such as Chief Fluffy Office and Minister of Home Office Affairs.


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